Custom Photo Collage Ideas

Published: 29th March 2011
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A photo collage is a mixture of photos, images, texts, random materials or any of these combined to create one single image. Collage making is an art project that almost everyone is interested in. The ideas to form the photo collage create the soul of the collage. The theme is applied based on your idea and the collage style varies from it. Yet there is no hard and fast rule as to what you should use to create a photo collage, so use your creativity and have fun. Here are some photo collage ideas you can use.

Kids Photo Collage

Photo Collage of kids is fun and free to make. If there are kids around you, please spend more time to play with them. I hope you'll find inspiration when staying with the kids. It is necessary to take a digital camera along, in order to take photos of the happy instant. Then it is the time to work with the computer and proper software, you can pour all your imaginations into the photo collage and make the collage unique and lovely.

Pet Photo Collage

Custom pet photo collages are a special item made for your faithful little companion. Each pet photo collage is creatively arranged in a chosen template and will be set against a background to enhance your photos. You can pick out all the photos to apply to the collage. You can even add your pets name or a date if you wish. Your pet photo collage will then be printed or saved. You can also put the collage on the internet to share with a large number of people widely.

Friends Photo Collage

There's always something that you gave it to your friends will have a special meaning. Give your best friend something really special to show that you appreciate your friendship. Friends Collage brings your memories to a period you spent together in one unique display. Adding photos you taken together and writing down the funny trifles happened among you. This collage can be cherished as a keepsake of your friendship.

Family Photo Collage

Choose the best photos of your family members, in a huge variety of styles creating millions of combination possibilities. Today's software is capable of creating a digital collage at the touch of a button. How about surprising your family members with memorable photo collage and they will cherish and display for years to come. Personalized, unique and special collage from family photos - this idea will be one everyone will enjoy.

Portrait Photo Collage

Do you have somebody special to remember? Building a portrait collage of special events is a wonderful way to preserve those memories. Gather the photographs you want to use. It doesnít matter that it is group photos of certain persons or one large photo with someone in center place while others arranged around the center. Making the pretty portrait collage allows you show special moments by hanging it on the wall instead of being put away in the album.

Landscapes Photo Collage

Personalized landscape painting made from landscape photo is the way to display your nature photos. Decorate your room with personalized landscape photo collage is better than hanging a painting cost hundreds of dollars. And giving the perfect gift to your close ones who appreciate unique and special photo collage is a great pleasure.

Collage ideas can be as varied from your experience and hobby. Making a photo collage doesn't necessarily mean that you should achieve an art work, but it does mean that you use your imagination and make ordinary items more interesting.

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